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Advanced Analytics Architecture And The Benefits It Serves As An Integrated Solution: A Starlims Whitepaper


A laboratory’s day-to-day operations are recorded through STARLIMS, accumulating data over time. This data includes sample lifecycle information and metadata. A range of insights can be measured from this data. This includes calculation of the average time it takes to perform a task, analysis of the breakdown of patient condition by age group, data comparison, trending, as well as forecasting. The best way to get insights out of this data is by rendering it visually, intuitively, and interactively. This is exactly what Advanced Analytics does. It adds the right toolkit to the STARLIMS v11 solution, allowing you to intuitively visualize and interact with your data to maximize the total value of your data.


There are four components to the STARLIMS Advanced Analytics solution. The first two components are already a part of the base STARLIMS ecosystem. As Advanced Analytics is designed to complement your STARLIMS solution, the first component must be STARLIMS itself. As Advanced Analytics is data-driven, the second component is the Database server.

The core component, the Advanced Analytics server, converts raw data into visual representations. Using decoupled processes like rendering, user access, backgrounders, and other supportive processes it does all the heavy lifting required in the process, including data aggregation, statistical calculations, and other advanced calculations. Because these processes are decoupled, the Advanced Analytics server can be configured in a high availability and/or scalable environment. The fourth and last component is the Advanced Analytics builder, a desktop application used to design the dashboards that will be used by the end-user. This tool creates charts, calculates statistics, and builds interactive dashboards, all through an intuitive interface, so the user can concentrate on the task at hand – analyzing the data.

In this whitepaper, we have endeavoured to explain the security concepts used with Advanced Analytics, the advantages of our integrated solution, the requirements behind the server (and the methodology to get to these numbers), and the data connection possibilities.


Download '.pdf' Format of the whitepaper.

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